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My interest in photography started when I moved to Singapore as part of a career change from the military. Singapore was full of such diverse nature and wildlife that it was impossible not to take an interest. I had wild long tailed macaques monkeys living opposite me in a nature reserve together with snakes, lizards and tropical birds... all within a stones throw away. It was this that ignited the ongoing passion I have for wildlife and photography.

That year back in 2010 I purchased my first DSLR. From then on people started taking a big interest in my images. After many hours of studying wildlife and reading photography related books and endless days out with my camera I began to reap the rewards of my hard work and slowly developed my own style of wildlife photography. Living in Wales and being surrounded by the natural world gives me endless opportunities to develop these skills.

This passion and job has has taken me all over the UK and across Europe photographing a wide array of wildlife species. I regularly run photography workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions. This has now giving me the opportunity to pass my passion of photography and wildlife on to many people whilst guiding these workshops all over the world.

Awards & Contributions

This shot has to be my favourite image taken this year. This particular shot was taken before sunrise. It’s another great time to photograph any subject in! The time of day before the sun breaks the horizon is known as the blue hour and it is pretty obvious to see how it gets it’s name. The light at this time of the day (although not bright) is just amazing to photograph in. The first thing I looked for in this image was the backdrop! The way those clouds hugged the mountains as they were slowly evaporating was utterly beautiful! So for me it was another no brainer to get this backdrop in the image. I decided to shoot this at 70mm to ensure I got a lot of that awesome environment in the shot and keeping the bird still a decent size in the frame. It was then just a matter of being patient and waiting for the pelicans to land on the right hand side of my frame. The biggest issue here was due to me being in a boat it is pretty easy when getting this type of shot to photograph the pelicans with the horizon cutting straight through the body of the bird as we are naturally a little higher up on the water. So in order to eliminate this <br />
I positioned my self higher up in the boat to ensure the pelican was way below the horizon, adding more depth and less distractions to the photo.<br />
<br />
Canon 5D4 / Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM mk 3

The Blue Hour                

Highly Commended | (SINWP) The Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers 2019

Pelicans on Lake Kerkini


Highly Commended | (SINWP)The Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers 

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Tears In The Eyes               

Highly Commended | BWPA Awards 2018

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At The End Of The Rainbow

Highly Commended | BWPA Awards 2018

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Lord Of The Forest

Editors Choice Award | BWPA Awards 2016

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